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Emergency Consent Forms

I am now pretty much packed for Wikimania, and don't expect to make another entry until I'm in Boston. That won't be long -- I have a red-eye flight tomorrow at 7am, and should arrive in Boston sometime around 10ish. I'm guessing I'll mosey over to campus and see how early they let me check in to the law dorms, and then do some exploring. I've decided to pack very light (and extremely informal), in the expectation that I'll be able to find a place to do laundry there about halfway through. This rules out going anywhere very fancy, but it also means I can travel with just my laptop bag and backpack, and that there won't be any luggage issues with the time between the law dorm and the overnight stay in the Hostel (hostile!). This is exciting. Hopefully I'll find a good place to get Indian food. Remaining things to do: refresh my music collection onto my Neuros, repack computer bag with camera, shut down apartment.

I mentioned in my last entry that I'm running for the Board for the MediaWiki foundation. Everyone posted their "candidate statement" as part of their entering the running, and I am no exception. As the projects covered by the foundation span countries, I was amused to find people translated my words into other languages. Some of the translations look considerably more expert than others, with the worst showing signs of likely just having been piped through Googlefish.

I really have no idea what to expect from Wikimania. Hopefully it will be a decent use of my time and money (that is, fun and interesting). I always enjoyed the O'Reilly Open Source Conventions (when I didn't have to pay for them, anyhow). Maybe this will be similar...

Columbus people, I again ask,Would the weekend of the 11th-13th be decent for a visit? Outland trip? Indian food? I don't need a lot of time per-person, but I want to spend a decent amount of time with some of you :)

Last night, I had a very odd dream -- the huge beetles that occasionally turn up in my apartment (normally carried around by a smug cat) were starting to show up in a slight variant that could toss pebbles at me, and they seemed much more intelligent and agressive. After making an attack plan, I moved in to squash them, and they turned into iguanas (one of which was a variety of iguana with a flowerlike structure made of iguana skin on top of its head). I approached them with the same care as I was the super-beetles, because they seemed to be very angry, but eventually I calmed them down and cuddled with them. I think this is telling me that I still miss my iguanas in a sense, even though they're far too much trouble to be good pets. The transition between beetles and iguanas may have simply been the remembered gesture of "approach with caution".

Well, I'm signing out from Pittsburgh. Next stop: Boston.

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