Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

People's Republic of Boston, Central Committee Report 1

This morning, I woke up at 4, got my stuff together, and walked to the CMU bus stop by 05:15, bidding my cats farewell for now. After a relatively uneventful trip through fascist-themed airport land, I got on the plane, fell asleep, and then woke up in Boston. The busses too me through bizarre tunnels, and after a quick stop in some areas that looked slightly like the London underground (without the feel of Britishness), the next bus took me to Harvard. Harvard is in a pretty and old-fashioned area of town, and although I was slightly worried that perhaps the dorm I was staying in was actually at MIT, I came across reassuring (but confusing!) signs that pointed me to an area to wait for check-in. I met up with Danny, caught up a bit with him, and he convinced me to volunteer to stuff envelopes and eventually help move giant, heavy boxes across campus. While doing this, I met a girl who looks (and acts) bizarrely similar to ELeathers. I had lunch at a cute restaurant with good carrot cake and spinach pie, then went to a blogging SIG (which turned out not to discuss blogging at all, sadly, although the conversation about wiki accountability was pretty neat. I made a brief sketch of my "Wikipedia as cowboy justice" argument. Finally, everyone went to a bar where we were treated with whatever we wanted (I had some decent Zinfandel). Then a few of us went for pizza, hung out a bit more in the volunteer area (where I finally checked in), and returned here. Oh, between lunch and the sig, I checked in and took a shower.

Random thoughts..

  • Harvard Law dorms really suck. The place is a bit smaller(!) than Jones Tower at OSU, there's only one bathroom down the hall (has 5 or 6 showers), and the beds are not particularly clean (the linens cover this, a bit). I could probably come to ignore this if I had to deal with it for any length of time, but it's not great. All OSU dorms are considerably nicer than this.
  • No irritating ppl cornered me yet. I'm having a decent time socially (although I still don't have a good time in a bar)
  • There are some restaurants I'm keen to try out
  • Volunteering is a great way to meet people.
  • He's here. Yes, him. 2 dorm rooms down. Argh.
  • I miss my cats
  • Public transit is decent here
  • I need to find laundry means. Doing heavy lifting means I'm running through clothes too quickly
Tags: wikipedia

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