Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Please pardon my phone-wankery -- it's just this one post, I think.

I sometimes wish that it were not such poor phone etiquette to have audible, musical ringtones, because now that I have a phone that can play MP3s, I'm kind of tempted to choose appropriate MP3s for various events. A few candidates:

  1. Telefrancais theme, inspired by this episode of Qwantz. Not particularly creative, but quite amusing.
  2. TMBG's Call Connected through the NSA. Similarly noncreative but inspiring.
  3. Dalek saying exterminate. Amusing.
  4. A clip from a Shirley Q Liquor episode: "You is a back-stabbin' lie, and you is goin' down, baby!". Pro: It's damned funny. Con: I'll be lynched.
  5. Inspector Gadget theme. Very recognisable, not irritating and the intro is nonvocal.
  6. Osdorp Posse's "Origineel Amsterdams". Has the right kind of intro, and even though a rap follows, it's in Dutch and is thus likely not so attention-grabbing to English-speakers as something in English would be.
Let's pretend we live in a world where this kind of thing is not horribly rude - does anyone else have ideas for appropriate/funny phone noises?

I am somewhat disturbed that Tortfeasor likes rolling in my dirty, smelly socks. I am further disturbed at exactly how clever Beefalo looks when she hops on my shelves, delicately swats things off of them, and then carries them off, one-by-one, into the other room. Creepy. I sometimes lose things for good this way, gone for good into catspace.


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