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Hat Safari

Some more things I forgot.. mainly links to photos with me:

  • Blogger's Meeting. This was a particularly interesting thursday meeting, which brought to mind an issue with Wikinews -- it threatens the funding model for traditional news media, as we might pull eyes away from their sites (and even news websites). As they fail, we may fail as well when we lose access to primary sources that they once gave us. It may be that local wikinews things may fill some of this role, but I have my doubts that it might not do the job entirely, and our openness might lead to something suboptimal within the framework of a larger capitalist system. There are many ways this might be dealt with, along with the possibility of simply accepting the disadvantage as a cost we'll pay for a more important openness. It's still an issue I have some concern about. The reporter who brought much of this up (very rightmost guy in the photo) was a really smart guy, and I felt the group may not have been as open to his concerns as they should've been -- they got defensive. I don't think it's ever healthy to become so close to something, even family, that defensivity prevents careful thought and discussion. Not everyone was like that though...
  • Thursday Evening dinner
  • And volunteering...
  • And walking back...
  • Still more walking
  • More blogging...
  • OoOoOo
I haven't put up any of my photos or videos yet, not having retrieved them from my camera yet...
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