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I find myself increasingly preoccupied recently with this change in my life, and in myself. In one way, it's not really .. me as I know me, in another, it's a welcome growth. Long distance is never something I've believed can work in relationships, and I'm not sure that this qualifies as a relationship yet, but it is a beautiful potential. I just need to work to keep the memory and image clear in my head so it doesn't fade away. I wish Wikimania had been longer so we would have had more time to work with -- more time to stretch over the weeks and months until I can hopefully arrange to move. My friendships tend to go into a deep freeze when seeing each other is impractical. This is different, because we see each other a lot online, and we're having some conversations that are really engaging. I hope this works out! As for Boston, it would be a welcome change of pace too, although I realise that I'm quite fond of a lot of things about Pittsburgh too when I think of leaving it. I wonder if I felt this way about Columbus.. Pittsburgh feels like a long, slow vacation, Boston feels like waking up. Hopefully MIT will get back to me soon.

I've been listening a lot to Yasunori Mutsuda's "To Far Away Times". It's beautiful - kind of a soothing ode to abstraction.

I'm surprised that lemonade seems to be a reasonably effective way to get rid of the migraines I've been having recently. I'm not sure if it's the sugar, the pH, or something else. I hope it keeps working though.

I finally found my glasses (I misplaced them sometime after I came home on friday), so I'm free to leave my apartment again. Hurrah!

There's something about the whole process that the Wikimedia Foundation is going through right now, and its organisational structure, that is quite beautiful and delicate. It reminds me a bit of some content in philosophical works I'm presently reading, although it's considerably more universal than that example -- regardless of the specifics of a socety and large-scale issues, in the end people have to make efforts to organise people, efforts, and resources. The more open and civic-minded the project, the more interesting it is to see it explore the tension between those tendencies and the need for things to work as a whole.

I am working on an essay on how conflict resolution and governance works on Wikipedia.

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