Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

No Veto For Dreamland

Sometimes we see something for a moment, a shifted perspective or complex thought, and do our best to hold onto that. We can't always keep it, and sometimes that's really sad. I don't think I can regret anything that was done, but I am saddened that the circumstances didn't provide adequate soil. My dreams show a terrible lack of contentment at this, but dreams often do. Pain like this is part of life.

On Boston, I've decided that unless a few circumstances come true, I probably should be in no rush to move there -- at the very least I should let my current lease get closer to expiry, and I should also see if there are other, perhaps more suitable places (good university, woodsy feel, low cost of living, decent space, liberal people, maybe European) to move. Heck, maybe I won't move at all and Pittsburgh is my final destination -- in any case I need to take the pressure off of myself.

I tried Skype yesterday for the first time. It was an utter failure for my laptop, but worked quite well on my desktop/TV Computer. This is probably due to sound drivers (and possibly sound hardware). If I end up using skype much more, I should probably look into getting a better microphone. My again helpful dreams provided me with imagery of every microphone I've ever owned, as some kind of a joke, I'm sure.

I'm feeling sad about this whole thing.


  • Google Maps for Mobiles might be a good reason to get internet access with one's phone
  • I'd buy this electronic paper prototype if it were more affordable (say $700?)
  • Secret Wiretapping is not Kosher, says a Detroit judge. Will this change anything? It'd be nice..
  • An interesting take on an interesting exhibit
  • You've probably seen this - yet another poll between nations showing the vast cultural/educational divide between the United States and Europe, summarised into a neat chart. Only in Turkey (among countries covered) are there proportionally fewer people who have a scientific outlook on human origins.
  • There are all new Segways. They're not faster. I wonder how they're better.
  • Yukos Oil is being liquidated. At least this means we'll stop getting spam about it, right?
  • I am pleased to hear that Fidel Castro is recovering from his illness. I am concerned that it's his brother who's been filling in for him though -- nepotistic elements in any post-monarchial *cough* governmental system *cough cough* are not a good trend. Not that we're familiar with that in the United States.. It would probably be wise for Castro to start to pass the torch once he's recovered, in order to preserve the stability of the state and prevent the U.S. from stepping in during a transitional period. After serving the people for so long, it would be a shame for him, once the revolution is in appropriatte hands, to not have a pleasant retirement before age takes him.
  • This image sure brings back memories..

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