Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Buoyed By Sand

I'm thinking about getting older... and how I've noticed my body and mind changing over the years. I'm not prone to think of it as particularly sad or happy, but it's something that's been on my mind. Some things I've noticed...

  • Regeneration slows. On the rare occasion I injure myself, it takes a bit longer for it to heal. Soreness takes a lot longer to go away than it used to
  • I get a lot more headaches than I used to.
  • I can no longer eat most sweets -- they stick in my stomach like a lump, and make me feel mildly queasy for a day or so, and then they're gone
  • I'm having more trouble with the occasional digestion of meats -- my body wants to be completely veggie or omnivorous, and my refusal to commit similarly makes me queasy for a day or so after I eat meat
  • I need more peace in my mental life. Stress now has some rather large and unpleasant psychosomatic effects on me
  • I can get lost in memories sometimes. Then again, I've always been prone to daydream and/or "get lost in my head", so perhaps this is just giving content to that
  • My biological clock is ticking. Gah.
Some things that have not changed so far:
  • Less energy. I actually seem to have slightly more energy than I had when I was younger, although I've never been super energetic
  • Heart condition getting worse. It's pretty much staying the same as it ever was. I don't even remember I have it for weeks at a time between events.
  • Hair changing colour/falling out. This is pretty much the same as ever, so far. Very occasionally I get individual grey hairs, but that's been going on for awhile and is not at a rate that could be considered greying
  • Comfort with knowing I won't be around someday. I reached this forcefully several few years ago in a single swoop, and it's never really left me.
  • Turning Republican. No signs of that so far - my mind feels as sharp as ever ;)
On other topics, I am really enjoying Bill Cosby's comedy CDs.

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