Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Family Shackles

I just was randomly invited to join a group on Facebook, and it turns out to be a global group for people with the last name of Gunn. I joined initially to see if I could see similar things my face and other people in the more distant parts of my family, but... browsing through the group, I see that it's primarily black people. The group has a discussion board, where most of them eventually conclude, based on their research into their family past, that their family had adopted the last name of Gunn from one of the slaveowners, who were the Highland Scots that I'm all related to. I'm not much for family pride, but this still feels kind of odd. But then.. finding skeletons in family closets is certainly no surprise to me.

I am getting to like a music group called "We are Scientists".


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