Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Persecution of Hat Crimes

It is windy and raining heavily outside, and I am consequently in a good mood. The hat is closer to being mine -- the hatter again noted that my head size and shape are a challenge -- apparently my head is somewhere between a size 7 7/8 and a size 8, and is a "long oval" rather than a standard oval. The one hat that came in is very close to a good fit -- he's going to stretch it lengthwise which should take it the rest of the way. I'll probably be able to pick it up on Thursday. The other hat I ordered is something he's still looking for -- size 8 hats are not made frequently, and when they are, they're made in infrequent large runs. doesn't seem to have hats of my size...

I decided not to withdraw from the Foundation running, although I was pretty close to it. I came to realise that the candidate I think is likely better than me is in that state by my judgement and values -- it may be that some people prefer my characteristics to his (or, of course and perhaps more likely, someone else entirely) -- might as well be in the running to allow certain characteristics to be represented. Elected or not, I'm going to be more involved -- after a nice conversation on IM, it was suggested I might help with a certain type of invisible, unthanked task (sounds familiar to a long-term Usenet moderator), and it seems to make sense that I do so.

I am wondering, in light of statements like this, if free-market/first-amendment-type pro-democracy folk might be willing to modify one or the other of their stances. I've long thought that this was true -- that democracy in the United States is largely a fundraising contest (itself tainting the process because of where the funds come from) that pushes at least a deciding factor in politics to vote for whomever has the best advertisements. I believe there are large parts of the country and people all over who are by and large single-party because they know what they want to see (I vote straight-line Democrat, although with a heavy heart because the Democrats are bought-off and are not remotely as left as I'd like), but our politics are not as based on issues and systems, or on thinking in general, as much as they should be.

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