Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Stakes Keep Rising, the Odds Keep Falling

Today I had a nice, quiet day at work, and decided to hang out in the cluster instead of head right home. A few people said hi and were friendly, a few were not. It was overall pretty nice -- I took care of some backlogged work to do on Wikipedia and then happily was joined in my dinner voyage by Lizza. Right afterwards, we went to Bombay mart where I got some Myrrh (I like the smell), and then we swung by Phipps Conservatory (my first visit since it was rebuilt) -- it was very pleasant. They had new areas with a greater variety of plants, and I played in the mister for a bit. Now I'm home, relaxing. Tomorrow, I'll probably go with her and a bunch of other folk to ceremony at the upstage, which should be awesome. The weather is rapidly shifting away from being summerlike, and I again wonder why I live in the north.

Many interesting thoughts of mine are being sucked into another blog I'm guestblogging in for a week. I'll post a link to them all when it's over.

I am mildly irritated and mildly amused when CMU CS undergrads think they know more than me about operating systems/programming languages/most other computer topics, or think themself a better programmer than me.


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