Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Towers and Flight

That was a *very* strange dream.

I was wandering through a huge tower with the Doctor (like a mix of the "Paradise Towers" and Ohio State's Lincoln/Morril towers), trying to avoid a rotund, weaponed tyrant intent on killing both of us. I remember making it a point to the Doctor that we were equals. Once, she almost caught us, but being completely insane, she was driven off for a bit by being given $20 in "allowance money" when she asked for it. We wound downwards through the building, unable to use the elevators much because we kept finding that they went the wrong direction or were full of her agents. Eventually, we concluded that we could construct something that might be effective against her, and picked up some cotton and other scraps downward. We ended up finding something much resembling my basement room (Tanager Trail), and bolding the door, we ended up constructing a candy monster (it didn't talk or act much like Kandyman from the same Dr Who episode, but had a similar concept). Guiding the candy monster to the main villain, it began to sing a really horrid set of rhymes as it walked towards her. None of the henchmen were able to stop it, and eventually it settled to biting her on the neck, it's rhyme settling to repetitions of "I'M GOING TO EAT YOU UUUUP". The main villain was held immobile, but was effectively immortal, so I got to thinking. The villain gained power by somehow becoming project steward, and if I made a note to the universe that the steward were incapacitated, I could get local steward permissions and remove their privileges. So I did, and then I removed her privs, permablocked her, and edited the candy monster into emptiness, noting that I could revert if I ever needed it again.

This is the second time I've had a dream that somehow had Wikipedia concents mixed into it, and the first dream in quite some time that had a Dr Who theme.

I picked up a copy of India Abroad (newspaper) yesterday at Bombay mart. The headline, "Indian population explodes in the US: Numbers rise 38 percent in five years to reach 2.32 million" caught my eye. For a dollar, it promises to be interesting.

Update: Wow! Great newspaper! It talks about issues!

One of the things I sometimes worry about with open immigration is that it promotes overpopulation in the countries that have a culture sane enough not to breed so much. Having too many people and the huge cities they need makes living unpleasant, and having an open door to immigration slowly undermines social progress if one is not very careful to assimilate, culturally, most or all of the incomers. Like with trade, I can say that I don't believe in the free, lassiez-faire version anymore. The welfare of the nation requires very active, careful treatment of these issues, from the middle-eastern immigrant communities in Netherlands and France to possible Turkish entrance into the EU.

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