Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Half-cut film

A friend sent me this, a project where some guy took a picture of himself with a webcam every day and set it to kind of sad music. The friend was bummed out by it. Aging and the slow march to death is something that we all experience. Sometime back though, it stopped bothering me. This happened in two stages -- when I was younger, my grandparents told me that life would eventually make me tired, and that it wouldn't be quite as hard to go as it was when I was young. I think this was in response to my asking them about death and (as only kids can ask questions this insensitive) what it felt to know that their life was mostly over. Secondly, when I was a bit younger I once gave up on life, and while it didn't work out as I imagined it would, that changed my perspective in a lasting way. I understand what my grandparents meant, and feel like I'm not too far from their perspective -- I don't feel a desire to end it, but the strong will to live that causes pain on thoughts of death just isn't there and has been gone for a long time. It's hard for me to empathise with fear of death now.

Late-afternoon-update: I have a hat. It looks good. Another thing I've been wanting for a long time is done. Hurrah. Pictures soon.

Idea: Contest (for computer geeks) to write a computer thriller with the most obnoxiously bad representation of technology possible.

Y'all have a nice fake labour day.


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