Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zombie Dreams

Foreshadowing - yesterday at work I was hampered by insufficient power because I forgot my laptop's power adapter in the cluster the night before - later, when I got home, there was similarly no power until this morning. Draw the line between the two dots... keep dancing between "all right" and the next wave. Spam again asks, "Can you imagine that you are healthy?" - music sings about "big mistakes", dreams of zombies are inspired by walking through the very dark neighbourhood, memories of Giant Eagle last night with labels of "Do not sell, mark as known loss" and absolutely everyone buying Shabbat candles. Thinking of abstract jealousy and grabbing things out of jokes, oddness of being woken by lights again and that dreaded anticipation of the devil-father with his "wakey-wakey". Surveyed this land that was given by destiny, and found that it was bad...

Head is still a jumble. I need to do the packing that I couldn't do last night, and get to work. Tonight: Norfolk.


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