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The Ability to Kiss Honestly

Two people on a palendrome, one remarks that around them is a number of beautiful women, talks of "catching them", and changes seats for a "hunt" of "hotties", a remark that behind them both is "one for you". The other feels disturbed, a kind of liberal distaste. Not long afterwards, the sound of chatting from behind as the other commences with his hunt, hatted one guiltily looks behind, sees professional-looking woman, ring, not necessarily the light of someone who watches in the eyes, turns back. After letters reverse and palendrome is the same in a rotated sentence, sees man walk with one arm around a fellow passenger, another holding hands... reflects on self - who is the fool here? Step back - so concerned about propriety and being respectful that it encourages shyness, watching plenty of other people succeed by being at least a little bit less careful, engaging a humanity with the head that he's held with rubber gloves for too long. Disappointment.

Feeling: Two people could give exact opposite advice, both would feel insightful. Is this just a desire to be interfered with? Or perhaps there's truth that without motion, there is no life, and that any motion could be good?

Heart is snagged as a briar on someone's clothes. One hand does not meet the other. Kinda painful, but seemingly unavoidable. C'est la vie..

Trip: D's wedding went well, Iryna looked good, he looked good, much cuteness. I felt really good through empathy, tried to keep regrets that I haven't managed anything similar down. Wedding was mostly russian-speaking - English was definitely a minority language. Knowing a few phrases broke down social barriers a bit. Felt an acute and deep empathy for their situation - their preferred language divided them from most of the country, and it was nice for them to have a moment of feeling like it was their time. A few spoke of a once-a-month camping retreat where it'd be all-russians where they'd drive for hours to get there. I understand... I understand the pain of feeling like most people around are *the other* in some way, although it's not lingual barriers that divide me.. and I felt kind of strange to empathise in the abstract while still being mostly on the other side of this concrete barrier of language. One moment - while swimming in the ocean, people who forgot my name referred to me as "the American" (in Russian, but I understand enough Russian to understand that), and I said "Меня зовут Pat" - changed things. Ponder: borders of various societies, never fully in, generally not fully out. Anyhow, event was pretty well arranged, good music, interesting locale (very large nightclub that was perhaps once a movie theatre), pictures from D and Ir's childhoods, met his mom, danced a decent bit, Eric and I were probably the only single people there. Restuarants:

  • Empire Little Bar Bistro - night before the wedding - had a DeGiorgi's Moscato d'Asti, which was pretty good (no aftertaste, tastes probably wern't complex enough to be interesting) and a dish that mixed goat cheese, olives, and overtoasted bread. Burnt taste of parts of the bread were probably intentional - seemed to match the olive/cheese taste reasonably well, but wasn't exactly to my tastes. Atmosphere of the place was pretty neat
  • Domo Sushi - morning before the wedding - Cute name, good food. The place was very Japanese, with people speaking to each other in it behind the (traditional) bar, traditional garb for the sushimakers. Their Miso was excellent, their Avocado Maki (didn't feel like something new that morning) also good. I liked the atmosphere.

The neighbourhood was undergoing a strange kind of renewal - most restaurants on the street made a big deal about dress code, some of them mandating business casual. Slums were nearby in several directions. Mermaids were a dominant theme in town.

Drive back was long but not bad - I slept for most of the way. I was reminded how large the United States is - this trip was at least 420 miles (about the distance from Amsterdam to Berlin).

Generally was pleased with conversations with people at gatherng - their minds were considerably more open, tolerant, and varied on matters of politics, history, etc, than most Americans I've known. This seems to generally be true of people from other countries - a fault in American national character that by and large they're not that way. It probably helps keep our politics at a juvenile level.

It's nice to be home.


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