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Playing Several Games at Once...

Amusing thing about hedging bets - merging several games into one through merging of reward/risk/cost metrics under a larger general framework that resembles the smaller ones - it's almost a Bayesian fractal as we imagine stepping back further - suppose I do X - for all the sets of operating rules that describe the various perspectives that I swing between, how does this play out for each of them, weighted by some kind of emotional/temporal metric for each perspective and some likelihood that it will come to dominate/continue? From the outside, it'd be easy to claim inconsistency or hypocracy, but things never were that simple. On some level, absolutely nothing about my future is really fixed - europe, continuing to work with computers on some level, etc, although doors will begin closing due to various reasons if I don't do something soon.

It looks like, for a period of time I'm not sure about right now, I will be taking care of a third cat. Strange, that. I'm not sure how this interacts with said future plans..

Today, I had a nap that contained a dream that really made me sad, and then I found my phone (which I lost sometime yesterday in my apartment). I then had a bit of music ask me a very relevant and tricky question, accidentally.

The world has been interesting recently:

  • The Iraqi government, in an ugly position after Arab(Iraqi) Sunnis withdrew as a block from Parliament, announced a new coalition consisting of Kurds (mostly Sunnis, but politically distinct from Arab/Iraqi Sunnis) and Shia. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out, given that Iraq is a fairly weak state.
  • It's interesting how strongly prepping for the primaries is being used as a tool to attempt to polarise candidates towards their party's political goals (not intrinsically a bad thing) - how deviation from the party/movement's value system/culture is politically risky, and how people want to push that further. Lithmus tests (or something resembling them) seem to be standard faire - apart from Abortion and Gay Rights/Family Values, Illegal Immigration is a big issue in this election (probably more potentially divisive for Republicans - their general pro-business nature and their ultranationalist nature interact interestingly here). A bit on Giuliani's positions. I find the definition of "sanctuary city" used in this article interesting - Giuliani is accused of, during his time as NYC mayor, tolerating/encouraging illegal immigration through providing medical and school services to those who have entered the country illegally. I kind of like Giuliani's response in that he says (in so many words) that healthcare and school are things we value as a society, and to neglect them would be grossly harmful, even in the case of illegal immigrants. My thoughts on immigration are a bit more conservative than they once were, given that I believe society can and should self-regulate using the state as a mechanism - illegal immigration threatens the ability of society to manage itself, and to permit it weakens rule of law (something we should, in my philosophy, respect (as a default) and generally only oppose in those cases where it goes strongly against our values) - permitting general disregard for the law threatens law as an important (violable, but important) basis of our society. To whatever extent more open immigration benefits our society (and to a lesser extent, human values outside the scope of our society), we should open it, within the structure of the law, to the extent needed to achieve those ends. When we have, within the structure of the law, whatever equilibrium that meets that end, additional illegal immigrants should be treated as criminals - treated both firmly and humanely. I don't believe children should be treatable as legal anchors either - a better structure for handling that should be found that doesn't permit as much trickery or abuse. A failure to provide essential medical care seems inexcusable to me, illegal immigrant or not - a willingness to deport without a second thought is not inhumane, but a willingness to let people die deaths easily prevented by modern medicine is inhumane.
  • ABCNews has an interesting article about sexual interests (and identities tied to that) being more fluid in modern times.
  • SUN and IBM working to bring Solaris to IBM hardware. Interesting...
  • Al Jazeera has a a series of specials on groups of stateless peoples (and groups in similar situations). Interesting (and sad)
  • Shinzo Abe, Japan's present PM, takes a different stance than his predecessor by not visiting Japan's shrine to the WW2 war dead on the anniversary of Japan's surrender. This presumably will ease tensions with China.
  • Scotland's new PM (called First Minister), Alex Salmond, is preparing for a referendum between independence from the UK, expanding devolution, or the status quo. Jack McConnell (Scottish Labour) stepped down as party leader, suggesting that his party needs to reinvent itself after its defeat by Salmond's Scottish Nationalist Party. As I understand, were Scotland to become independent it would likely follow the Republic of Ireland in rejecting the Euroskeptical stance of the UK, adopt the Euro, and otherwise pursue tighter integration with the EU. I suspect that Scotland would not leave the Commonwealth even were it to quit the UK (Eire left the commonwealth when it became a republic - at that time, true republics were not eligible to remain)

And now I shall go eat some rice.


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