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I've been converting bits of my code to use my Argpass module, and am pleased. It's strange to enjoy a refactoring that makes code visibly larger - I think what makes up for it is that after this refactoring, argument lists are now uniformly handled, it's easy to tell at a glance what arguments are optional, and at least for the caller I no longer ever pass unneeded arguments. I've come to dislike (mildly) languages that allow argument-based function overloading - it's easily gotten around by having all the variant versions calling the "one true function" that has all possible arguments (presuming that's the right thing to do - sharing code with similar purpose and all), but by default I think it makes more sense to make it as easy as possible to avoid the need to generate all of those (and the number of permutations possible can get ridiculous). Named arguments keeps things more concise and permits better interface flexibility.. at the cost of making compile-time checks difficult.

Last night there was a party. It went well (the heading back home did not though), although given that my stomach is *still* upset, I may have to avoid drinking anything beyond mild-to-medium wines in the future.

It looks like I'll have Jayne (cat) until I either depart Pittsburgh, Em comes back from Qatar, or her mum makes a trip through the area. Fortunately, Jayne seems to be a sweet cat (and the first longhaired I've ever cared for). After waking up and making my way to bed, I had a dream that I was playing a RPG, and the party was me, my two cats, and Jayne. I was constantly frustrated that the cats didn't seem to do much damage in combat. Eventually I armed them with Cat Claws, and that helped a lot. (Cat Claws were a weapon from Final Fantasy 1 that were equippable by any class and pretty powerful - as weapons specific/available to White/Black Mages were universally much worse than other weapons, they were the only way for either of those classs to be decent in melee) The only downside is that they seemed pretty disturbed that I had cat claws to hand out (Beefalo gave me a look that very clearly said "Where the fsck did you get this?")

Apart from the chance to swim in the ocean (which was very nice), one of the things that really left an impression on me on the Norfolk trip was recognising that one of the stewardesses on the flight (a woman in her 50s) was another person-watcher - there's something about the ability/tendency to sit in the background and watch people interact with other people (or just do something) that, in my experience, separates those who do from those who don't.

I recently find myself really missing people I was close to..


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