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Estatus Quo

I've been wondering how much the American revolution acted as an opportunity to perform welcome reforms on the British legal system, how wise those reforms actually were, and legally speaking, who's better off. I'm sure the last is difficult to judge - depending on how much one believes matters of scale between the UK and the United States affects the possibilities/difficulties inherent in government - it may be that each's legal system is better (or worse!) suited towards the scales involved. I imagine after the decision to make a new government (and particularly after the revolutionary war was underway), there was a broad consensus for broad change to the (legal and cultural) status quo (temporarily ignoring the factions that pressured George Washington to become king and similar). That would be an exciting time in which to live - when crazy new nationalists like Noah Webster able to push for spelling reforms (only moderately successful by his standards, but still...) and broad difficulties in government were corrected with radical reforms. I wonder how much structural change is really possible now given changes in scale, representation of interests, etc. There have been times of radical change in British government (Cromwell, Magna Carta, etc), presumably larger in scope in the past when monarchs were not figureheads. Governmentally, do we have a stronger status quo because of the age of the current system? Should we view that as a problem or a benefit? If we wanted a new critical period, what would it take to get society ready for change? On the chance that Scotland achieves independence from the UK (or Quebec breaks from Canada and the Canadian East follows), we might see similar opportunities for legal/societal reinventing.. When that happens, I imagine it'd be a big challenge to have a clear enough vision to understand the existing system (and systems in other nations) well enough to learn where they fail and succeed without becoming cowardly enough to push for just the smallest changes.

In catland, Lady Jayne Leathers and Lord Simon Tortfeasor appear to have concluded their peace treaty, and now are pretty friendly with each other. Lady Diane Beefalo is taking more time to warm to Jayne... My impressions of Jayne:

  • Worst breath of any cat I've ever known. Wow. Hopefully this will change as the food she eats here cleans her teeth better (wet food = bad cat breath)
  • Doesn't appear to understand my speech yet. Beefalo and Tortfeasor come (or at least pay attention) when I call them, and otherwise react to my speech.
  • Long hair = a lot more shedding. Fortunately, my apartment is now incredibly clean, so it's easier to handle this
  • Jayne is not a small cat but weighs nothing - hollow bones? Moves like a squirrel, weird squeaks
  • One of her ears seems to be really bothering her. Hmm.
  • Affectionate, but her affection doesn't feel very real - anxious attachment? She seems to want a lot of attention, but keeps it all very low quality. Weird.
  • Doesn't understand screen windows, fans, and a number of other things in my apartment...
  • Beautiful eyes
  • Personality is more like that of Beefalo than Tortfeasor...

Recently I've been reading up a bit about the psychology of relationships, emotion, and similar stuff. It's apparently a pretty touchy subject for me. It's interesting how, at least from what I've read about attachment theory, my tendencies have been changed by the relationships I've had. Hmm... On a vaguely related note, I haven't been feeling very well recently - not sure if it's psychosomatic or if I'm coming down with something.

Recently I've been looking for new Klezmer and Flamenco music.. any suggestions? I finally found some of my CDs from the Klezmer Conservatory Band, which is good.. but more would be nice.


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