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Bunny-making Game

Dreamed I was a comic.. my schtick (as best I can remember), delivered in a Jerry Seinfeld voice (although thinking about it, maybe a Gilbert Gottfried voice would've been better):So I was listening to this song by Phil Ochs, "Outside of a Small Circle of Friends", maybe you know it? (sing the first instrumental part quickly), and I was listening to the first part about Kitty Genovese where they think about calling the cops, and then some later songs which spit on cops for enforcing drug laws. What's the deal? You might oppose the cops, but spit on them? If you really want to spit on someone, you should spit on your neighbour ... (looks around room) but not now. I was told to say that by the management here. Anyway, it reminds me of this guy I was talking to, this skinny little guy who liked being a rebel a *little* too much... must've resented his parents or something *taps nose*.. anyhow, he wanted to talk about gun control, told me they'd take his guns from him when they pried them from his dead fingers. I was like, "excuse me? You some kind of Guitar Hero?" .. If that's the best way and reason this guy can think of to go out, he's not living a very good life.. Guitar Hero... yes, I've played that game.. have you played it? Let's see a show of hands.... ahh, good, so I'm not alone... *phew* .. It's always embarassing to talk about playing a videogame in public... like we're still all 13 years old in our parents basement.. except its our basement now, and our mom is now our wife .. er.. no, let's not go there. Anyhow, guitar hero... I played guitar hero recently, and I played a few songs and got fired from the band. I didn't make it through a single song.. The thing I'm wondering about is why they put me on stage in front of all those people ... all those people looking at me *eyes get big* ... and if I sound like that on stage, what was practice like? .. *winces* Can you imagine? I can just hear them saying ... well, he can hold it correctly, and .. his plucking of notes is better than chance... yeah, let's put him up there in front of all those people. That's not the kind of band I like going to see, ladies and gentlemen. *bows* *leaves stage*

I probably wouldn't make a great comic.

Someone pointed me at a Pittsburgh Deists group, suggesting I check it out. I suspect it would be a frustrating evening, although it might be interesting to have some atheists there to round out the deist-intended_christian discussion. In my experience, Deists tend to be quite varied in how well-thought their positions are, probably moreso than people of other positions. I find their dependence on "reason" and "rationality" to be frustrating because, like libertarians with liberty, they pack all these concepts into them and are generally unwilling to either balance that value against others nor let people pull the concepts/judgements back out of them for debate. On the upside, when one does manage to pull these things apart, they tend to become disanchored from the mainstream thought of that philosophy and over a few years may drift somewhere else (happened to me when I felt some of my arguments beginning to ring false in my ears). The other odd thing about deists to me is that they *want* to be religious. Interesting, irritating evenings are difficult to decide on...

Yesterday's soccer was very wet and rainy, and much more fun than usual, partly because of comedy, and partly because there were elements of unpredictability inserted into every shot and every pass. For once, soccer was less of a game of math and more of a game of statistics - another type of informalism that made it better. The team continues to lose members - apparently Luke is moving away before the next game. Armed with knowledge of the present (but ideally not the tiredness), I wish I could go back to my first year working for CMU and done some things very differently. Probably. Knowing what things to do, managing to convince oneself to do them, and managing to do them are all different things.

More to say, mentally tired recently. Some future entry will be big.


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