Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Nearly Missed

Scattered ideas from a half-written post that I decided not to post:

  • The UK has 1/5th the population of the United States
  • Defining culture is difficult. The purpose of high culture, other culture, versus "meaningless" culture is interesting to chew on
  • Repetativeness/predictability in culture are much more nuanced than one might think - establishing norms in order to have a place to deviate from is sometimes an interestng exercise
  • Element of high culture - acquired taste - ideally not to create ingroup/outgroup dynamic - ideally just because without knowledge/familiarity, hard to grasp the subtleties which are key - key difference between perspectives in inoutgroup and subtleties - desire to make high culture accessible to all
  • What is culture for? How does it change people? How key is that to divides in cultural elements/institutions?
    • Remembered conversation with some East Germans - in East Germany schools exposed everyone to opera and other aspects of high culture, not so in post-unification times

Relating to the last point - I have spoken with a number of people from formerly communist countries, and mostly there have been mixed feelings for the switchover - apart from those people who are completely enthused about the switchover (maybe a third), there's a lot of disappointment in having lost both the cultural steering that communist society in Europe did and the social services said society provided. Memories of shortages (depending on country) and secret police are not so fond, naturally.

Bloggers, do you often abort entries partway through? If so, why? How often?


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