Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Google-y Eyes

Astronomers are studying an empty part of space. People using Google Earth have found an empty part in space. I trust the two are unrelated :)

A bit of news:

  • Pleased - more Egyptian Brotherhood members arrested by police. As noted before, backers of Sharia in states that don't already have it should, IMO, be considered outside the pale and criminal by that intent/act.
  • In the United States if a currently debated bill passes, Medicare is to stop covering some care that results from negligence of the hospital. I am concerned that instead of being a penalty to the hospital (as it is said to be), it will be a penalty to the patient - what if such problems are instead not treated? I am concerned that it will be like withholding funds from failing school districts - wouldn't it make more sense to change the management, involve oversight, or something like that if errors are too frequent? Arn't hospitals generally nonprofits anyhow? I may be ignorant on some of the details here though..
  • Pakistan continues to work on wearing down Taliban forces near the Afghani border regions. Unfortunately for Musharraf, former PM Nawaz Sharif has been cleared for re-entry to Pakistan by their supreme court.
  • China has been experimenting with temporary partial traffic bans and enhanced public transit in Beijing. Driving generally is a case of tragedy of the commons - it's nice to see governments taking steps to deal with that.
  • A competitor to Hamas is emerging in the West Bank and other parts of the Islamic world, aiming to create a new Caliphate. Worrying.
  • From Embassy Magazine (which is pretty cool - just discovered it recently), the politics of listing terrorist organizations.
  • More on remittances
  • Britain continues not to give privilege to Hindu temples when it comes to their cows having disease.
  • Trusting polls is sometimes difficult - that considered, this poll suggests that Fatah has gained in popularity in the months after Gaza fell to Hamas.
  • Big phone bills for iPhone users - mostly amusement.

Computer World did an article about text editors on Linux. The only two editors I've spent significant time with since going Linux (vi(m) and (x?)emacs) got a 1/10 on ease of use and mediocre scores on everything else because ease-of-use tainted their ability to perform the other tasks. I can understand that, I guess, but saying that emacs is not very customisable feels very wrong. By their terms, I am living in the Paleozoic era (!). Their all-purpose editor, Quanta Plus, is something I've never heard of before, and while I know that it's not strictly a text editor, given that one of the areas of function they reviewed was writing code, it's disappointing that Eclipse wasn't reviewed.


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