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Help me identify an old fantasy series:Oh, wait, I just remembered the main character's name, and that found me the series: Louise Cooper's "World of Chaos and Order". I remember liking it, but I haven't read it for many years. It's apparently a much bigger series now - I read the original trilogy but there's a prequel and sequel trilogy as well. Hopefully they're good - I need to track down my copy or get a new one of at least the original.

From a conversation on IRC, random reminiscing about computer games we played when younger..

  • Star Control 1 and 2
  • Master of Orion 1 and 2 - I remember both being kind of unstable..
  • SpaceWars! (presumably a descendant of the Unix original - had lots of weapons/tools)
  • Classic Empire Deluxe - not deluxe empire, which is an entirely different game
  • Bolo (kind of late to be on this list - played it at University)
  • Warlords - Wow, such fond memories
  • StarFlight - Very good on the Sega Genesis, all the PC ports sucked but I'll count it as a PC game for this list's purposes
  • Civilization 1 - I remember the collaborative effort on the Prodigy discussion boards to hack savefiles (and the executable) with DOS's debug utility..
  • Day of the Tentacle - Also a bit late, not long before Sam and Max, IIRC. Still a great game.
  • LOOM
  • Kings/Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, etc
  • Treasure Mountain - Music is still in my head after all these years.
  • Lemmings
  • Zork - How could I leave it out? Also includes the Hitchhiker's Guide Zorklike
  • Rogue
  • Unknown name - One made business decisions to try to become CEO of a company. If you failed, eventually you'd see a DOS image of a boot kicking your bum while the song "hit the road jack" played with PC Speaker goodness. Maybe this was called "Enterprise" or some other business-y name? Corporation? Hmm.

This list is heavily abridged, of course.


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