Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Can and Will Turn on Dimes

I need to get used to busses being hard to fit onto, and watching them pass by again. Today I wanted to go to the southside, but after spending a good amount of time sitting outside the Synagogue near my apartment (bus stop) and watching the 59U go by a few time, too packed to stop, I spent the day in SqHill instead. Kinda disappointing, but not a big deal - I just had sushi here instead of there. In theory, I don't need to get used to busses being hard to fit onto, but my plans for leaving town keep wavering because my thoughts on what comes next keep wavering. I shouldn't stay here, but indecision is presently deep in my bones - I sometimes feel like I don't wake up as the same person every day recently... I've just about finished rereading the Amber series at the 61c, and have been working on getting some ancient software compiled on our servers for a coworker (yay xmkmf/Imake, yay doing actual porting). It's been kinda rainy recently, and I'm feeling okay.

Maybe this is the start of a new meme - Gustavo posted a fantasy roadtrip, and I shall post mine:

here is the horribly long link that recreates the route (the route was made by drag-n-drop, and is thus not quite right, but it's close enough). The trip would be 14000km, and include the following cities:

  • Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've never been, but would love to enough that I'm willing to make the trip a lot longer. If I were to split this out into a separate trip, I could see starting in Quebec instead
  • Québec, Québec - I think I've been there before, but I was young.
  • Ottowa, Ontario - It'd be neat to wander around. I think I've been there before...
  • Calgary, Alberta - It'd be rockin' to catch a Plaid Tongued Devils concert, and I've heard good things about the city
  • Vancouver, BC - I'd like to see the city
  • Portland, Oregon - I really like Portland. It might be nice to go hiking around here for a day or so
  • San Francisco, California - Nice place to visit
  • San Jose, California - Even nicer place to visit, fond memories
  • San Diego, California - Also a neat place
  • Phoenix, Arizona - I never got to explore Phoenix as much as I would've wanted to
  • El Paso, Texas - Might be nice to spend half a day here wandering about
  • Big Bend National Park, Texas - Wonderful place
  • Austin, Texas - Also a wonderful place, probably spend a few days here
  • Dallas, Texas - A few places of purely personal interest
  • Kansas City, KA/MO - Curious
  • St Louis, MO - More exploring
  • Chicago, IL - Never been, hear there's a lot to see
  • Toronto, Ontario - Memories, I also like the city
  • Home
I imagine spending that much time in a car would drive me a bit nuts, so I can't see myself actually taking such a trip (hmm, well, it might be a romantic thing to do with a significant other though, and that'd change things), but it's a nice dream. I do regret that it doesn't include North Dakota or Montana though - I've wanted to drive through them for awhile.. I also regret that it excludes Hudson Bay, but Google Maps wasn't willing to extend my route there (not reachable by car?)

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