Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Belted Steel Bodies

I am very cold, and in my server room - mitigating results of a mini-disaster. The machine room I have for my resarch group is a normal grad student office that we heavily (and expensively) modified. Unfortunately, the pipes that connect to the main dedicated AC wen't quite done correctly, and because sediment gathered in them, they partly clogged, causing (yes, I can see you wince) water to recently start to drip out... and because guards wern't set up against that, they got into the ceiling tiles, which moulded, and finally started dripping mouldy water down into one of the two active racks I have in there. I don't go in the server room that often - I heard about it today by hearing that the webserver is down. Water was all over everything in the upper part of that rack, and I just spent the last few hours taking apart and cleaning a number of the systems in there. The machine on top (webserver) took one for the team - I doubt that it will boot back up after it dries out (but it may - the cases are surprisingly good at keeping their contents dry), but I suspect the other systems and the RAID are ok (the other rack was on the wrong side of the room for a shower and didn't even need to be shut down). The carpet smells a bit funny though. I wish I had worn long sleeves/pants and a belt today - it feels like I'm standing outside in a Cleveland winter without a coat. There is something ... sensual... about water on cold metal though... hard to describe.

I gave a link to statistics for UrbanDead sometime back - I did a bit more reading and have found some analysis on the stats. The developer of UrbanDead, Kevan Davis, I have recently learned likes twiddling with game rules (adding new skills, changing game mechanics) to see how it affects the relative population of zombies and players in the game, using his army of fourty-thousand (as of today) players as things that on the large scale much like automata he has written along the same lines. He has a number of other interesting projects too.

Brr. Cold.

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