Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Student to Teach

Interesting dreams. Last night, I again had one of those "alternate world" (very specific meaning for my dreams) dreams, this time set at CMU. The dorms were all set in alcoves inside the art building, and were (moderately) larger on the inside than the outside. They bore a certain resemblance to Japanese tube hotels externally (with similar entrances), and were about as large as a trailer home on the inside. I was still staff, but lived inside one too. It was actually pretty awesome.

Right before I woke up, I had an awesome "idea dream", which I'm kicking myself for not having a few months ago - I should've taught a StuCo. I'm not sure if, as a non-degree student, I would actually be eligible to teach one (although I seem to remember Sean Knight managing to do it), but there are plenty of things that might be fun to teach that way. The dream had me teaching the programming environment DOS users dealt with, initially picking up my dad's old hobbyist Simplex method programming (which he did in QuickBASIC) and then moving on to QuickC and DJGCC (32-bit dos extender). I then thought it might be awesome to dust off the design/code for my old Roguelike and make it into a group programming project that would teach very clean OO-Perl (teaching the basics of OO-Perl and Curses as needed). Now that I'm fully awake, I realise that there are tons of rather spiffy things that I would've loved to teach/be involved in in a group. As I said though, oops -- it's too late for the coming semester, and after that I'm likely to be out of here (even if not, this coming year will wash away a number of the interesting people I would've hoped to be in the class). Le Sigh.

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