Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Static Drops of Salt

Last night, I had pancakes at Eat'n'Park.. not as good as I remembered, but my eat/sleep patterns/desire are completely out of whack right now. Behind me was an Israeli couple sitting with what sounded like local(ish) hosts. They talked for awhile about the American concentration camps for Japanese in WW2 and then about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the role of Christians in the whole mess, etc. Nothing particularly new.. sometimes it's more interesting to listen to other people talk about these things than join in..

I've been running my mind over groups in Urban Dead, as self-described on the Wiki - funny how many of them have that same love of structure wrapped like vines around the individual ego, the same writing style... and once one sees a pattern there, it turns up elsewhere in life in a myriad of forms. It's not too hard to dig back into my childhood on the net (thanks to google groups) and see the same stuff.
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I sometimes wonder if, were I hit by a taser, it would interact badly with my heart condition..

It's pleasing to hear that efforts towards equal rights for non-heterosexuals are not stagnating. I disagree with the person quoted in the article - I don't think the voters should have standing to restrict rights to straight couples. It's analogous to issues of interracial marriage and mixed-race dining facilities - there are instances where the state protects minorities through consistent application of the broader intent of the purpose of government (and the law, when it's compliant with that - the notion of "constitutionality" in the american system should be understood instead in this light, I hold), and I believe this is one of those areas. If the judge makes a decision where the voters would not, in cases like this it's for the best.

I apparently can no longer reread any of my Piers Anthony books because the characters are too irritating.

Spent some time playing with the improved flight simulator in the latest version of Google Earth (which lets me choose my plane). Flew over some places I've been before, felt a bit like I was actually there. Initially, after a horrible spinning fall from outer space (I chose to fly from the initial view rather than from an airport), I got the impression that, unlike the pilots in my family, I should never be allowed near the controls of a real airplane. Later, I got things under control, but a few incidents involving retracting the landing gear while on the ground confirmed my suspicions again. The astronomy mode is pretty awesome too.. Things have certainly evolved since the days I was playing with Microsoft flight simulator (hmm.. there was once a Ford Simulator too that FMC sent out for free to anyone who asked)..


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