Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Grape Diner

Yesterday, I found another quiet place in the park that's hard and nonobvious to reach and had a personal picnic with book. I meant to go to RHPS afterwards, but fell asleep after I got back and woke too late to schlepp out there. Today was slightly more pseudosocial - went to the southside (the first 59U I was on broke down halfway there...), had sushi (and good plum wine), coded and read for a few hours at the Beehive.

Despite the sushi being rather good (Sakura is better though, which is surprising), I just don't seem to be hungry anymore, and haven't been for a week or so.
(section not shown)

At least the washer and dryer are fixed - no more hand-laundry for me.


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