Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Guaranteed Lack of Satisfaction

Severely underslept... and programming for work. One of the things I don't understand: Programming and Sleep: Absolutely fine to program to the edge of sleep-collapse if started before onset of sleepiness - contrast to starting to program while underslept, which is really difficult. Key point: Changing of mental gears?

Name of new white tea at the 61c that I like so much: Shu Mei. Writing it down in Hiragana seems to have made it stick in my mind. しゅ めい. I'm sure that it has a nice kanji that it should be written in instead.. fact of recall probably due to deep processing needed to dredge alternate writing systems out of my mind. For other people who learned other writing systems - is it easier or harder for you to visually remember phrases if you jot them down in that foreign character set? How about other languages?


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