Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Siberia is not named for Cyber-ing

Today (meaning the day that's mostly the 22nd - I count days by sleeps) I got up, took a walk, then moseyed over to the bus stop waiting to head down to the Beehive, but eventually got tired of waiting for a 59U so I went to Bangkok Balcony for some food (their wine was terrible, but the peanut tofu was decent). I then hung out at the 61c for awhile and then went home. Exciting, huh?

I decided that I would like to redo my website - I never really finished putting it back together the last time I took it apart, and much of it is missing. The new frontpage (not live anywhere right now) looks really spiffy - I used my digital camera, gimp, and dug through some old photo archives.. well, y'all will see it when I have more pages done.

I also went through all my unsorted bookmarks, deleting most of them and filing the rest. This is my list of books, movies, and misc to check out/see again sometime in the not-too-distant-future:

  • Mulholland Drive - really weird film I saw sometime back
  • After Life/Wonderful Life - Japanese film on death. Haven't seen it yet.
  • Audition - Japanese horror film. Haven't seen it yet.
  • Snatch - British comedy about gangsters. I wouldn't mind seeing this again.
  • Serenada Schizophrana - Danny Elfman writes music for orchestra. I haven't heard any of it yet.
  • Jacob's Ladder - A psychologically interesting film. Haven't seen it yet.
  • Fitzcarraldo - The film and the story around it are both amazing. I haven't seen it yet though.
  • Irreversible - Highly disturbing, but I've heard it's worth seeing.
  • Lathe of Heaven - Interesting concept. Haven't seen it yet.
  • Gospel according to Jesus Christ - A lightly comedic take on the Jesus myth.
  • Texhnolyze - Supposed to be a bit like Serial Experiments: Lain, done by some of the same people.
  • jwz's music list of 2005 - I should check some of those songs out. Still. Maybe he'll have a new list soon that'll add to it.
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author - It's a play, meaning it'll be hard to arrange..
  • Poultrygeist. Troma. Enough said.
  • Kamikaze Takushi - Japanese crime film that I've heard good things about.
I am absolutely delighted to find that the latest Star Control 2 open port supports network supermelee. W00t. Now I just need to find people who want to play...

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