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Silver Circle and Silvered Glass

It may have been slightly obvious from how often I use them to link to their news stories, but I really like Al Jazeera (a news station based in Qatar). I just found their video section on YouTube, which is similarly interesting. A few particularly interesting videos:

I particularly like how the different styles of news dialogue in different countries are illustrated with worldwide conferences. Of course, just like all news coverage, they do have their biases (an obligatory moderately strong anti-Israeli slant), but they're not the only site one should read..

I very occasionally see local news - why is it that Al Jazeera (and the BBC, which it modeled itself off of) is so much more interesting? Some people claim media consolidation is to blame in the United States - others have pointed out that the news "business culture" has undergone a big change between the 50s and 80s. Might we guess as well that the centralisation that Associated Press has given us is partly to blame?


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