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Cats of Sisyphus

On the way to work today, I again noticed that I was covered in cat hair. My efforts to remove it were truly sisyphean - not long after they were brushed off my shirt, the static pulled them back to another part. Kind of frustrating, and I suspect that I resembled someone with OCD with my constant brushing.. there's got to be some better way to remove cat hair from oneself...

I was kind of disturbed/amused that when doing programming for work today (which I'm taking a quick break from right now), when writing a test program to test a moderately complex new function, I found that not only did the directory name I was going to use already exist, the function already existed (written for some other program) and I had already written it the way I had planned in my notes for this time. I wonder how many times over the years I've done programming I've rewritten the same code that way (not counting refactoring or other situations where I know I've coded it)...

Had a weird dream last night..I was in a library, and there were zombies wandering around. I generally am not scared of zombies in my dreams because while I can feel pain, I can't be seriously injured, so the zombies eventually give up and attack someone else. The zombies eventually bit a girl, and so I scooped her up and ran upstairs (apparently the zombies were not interested in leaving the area) - on the way up, she became a data pattern (kind of a small glowy mist of numbers hovering around my hands) and I concluded that they were "digital zombies". I recognised some of the MR Techs (people who run the MRI at the BIRC) except in this case they were VR techs, so I brought her to one of them, and he sighed and put on VR goggles to do surgery, after which I wandered off.

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