Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Repeating Echos

I'm going to Ceremony at Laga tonight, for what looks like the last chance I'll have before it closes. It's funny - I remember when I was moving to Pittsburgh that some friends who had once lived here told me how awesome Club Laga was. For the first two-ish years I was here, I didn't go (you come to understand a city differently if you move there single versus with someone), and I only saw Laga once before they started closing parts of it. I've occasionally been to Ceremony, and now that it's on its way out, it reminds me of Outland's (2 year?) departure from Columbus around the time I picked up roots there.

When I look at the picture above, I still can see the old Outland in front of me, can feel the sting of the smoke in my eyes, can see the large fenced-in junk-filled courtyard where people went to talk and watch the bondage shows (and occasionally dance to the different music out there). I remember the post that I leaned against, watching the inner rooms when I wasn't dancing, the pool tables where MathAdam alternately played and flirted with gals. The standard trips afterwards to either Insomnia or TeeJays.. that was nice too. I miss those days, the now-scattered friends, the places, the mood.

I also miss the random people I ran into - OSU's student body and surrounding community felt very different than CMU. I appreciate that CMU's geek community is much larger (even though it feels partly closed to me), but OSU felt a lot more artsy and lively. I'm sure every city and university has its own flavour though.. Like the universities, most people I know in Pittsburgh are very concrete-cerebral people, while it would probably not be inaccurate to say that a lot of Columbus/OSU folk I knew were more artsy/intuitive/hearted folk. Order and Disorder.. Except .. I bet that if I lived on the South Side, maybe it'd feel like Columbus again? I sometimes daydream that if I could just wake up in the right sense, everything since would just be a dream..

This time, I made it to the Beehive at a decent hour, and am having some wonderful tea, smelling some pleasant (cigar?) smoke from a nearby table, and occasionally looking at some abstract art on the walls. Despite change, life is pretty nice sometimes. I might go home, dig out the iguana harnesses, and take Tortsy out for a walk later.

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For now, back to working on v8 of my website :)


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