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Zeppelinear Regression

Today was mostly spent programming - wrapped up the refactoring of my blog software and then continued real programming on it. I re-synced the development version and what's installed on as well. For the curious:

  • It now provides an inline link to "cut" content, like lj does, when displaying entries
  • Fixed a bug in the login code that pre-fills the user field with a number
  • Cleaner separation of low-level code and code that's part of larger program-flow
  • Numerous bugfixes, some small interface improvements
  • Zapped dead code and duplicate functions

Those few of you who have POUND installed on your servers (or who don't yet but would like to play with it), ping me for an updated tarball (which I'll eventually put up anyhow). On that note, if anyone wants to join me in programming on it, and likes perl, mod_perl, postgres, and is of a unixy sort, let me know and we'll talk. There's a lot to do and the code is in a reasonably good state right now.

Recently have thought that it might be interesting to compare the origins of the Chasidic movement in Judaism and the Charismatic movement in Roman Catholicism. Haven't done so yet..

Because I'm babysitting Emily's cat Jayne, I've been regularly taking cat photos to send to her every week. While trying for this week's third picture of Jayne, I noticed this pic-worthy scene involving Beefalo and Tortfeasor:

I didn't notice that the teddy bears from my childhood matched them until after I took the shot, but it's lucky to see Yahni and Yanni match Tortfeasor and Beefalo in general colouration and position :)

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