Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

I'm dreaming of a red Christmas

LAZE, The Great Underground Empire

Living Room

You wake up. You are lying on a couch in a living room of an apartment. Two cats are asleep on your side, and a table with two laptops sits nearby. The rooms have some large paintings and a plant on shelves, and metal-cube bookshelves hold up a large number of books. There is something that looks like a TV or large LCD monitor sitting in a corner of the room.

> open laptop

Opened. The laptop wakes up and you type in the password.

> time

According to the laptop, it is 23:10

> get up

The two cats on top of you purr, stretch their legs, and curl up. Looks like you're not going anywhere.

> sigh

I guess I'm not going to Ceremony. I slept later than I planned to anyhow. At least I don't have to be a good adventurer and "take all". That could be cumbersome here.


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