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August Bodies are Corrupt By September

  • Can't I be both the gunman fighting the varmints and the dashing thief? Why do I have to choose?
  • You have but one body, you have but one nature.. is your horse both brown and black?
  • The sky has two natures, why can't I?
  • The sky is not of this earth, and its attributes are as complex as suits its nature. Humans are not meant for such things. Your wish is of hubris..
  • But I feel both of hese things, they both pull me to my horse, call for the gun
  • That's the onus of choice..
At that point, I decided to step away - deciding that it would be written that when you've outgrown your inspiration, seek something new. A wonder: must we really be less wise than our mentors to learn from them? Do we even need to have a notion of less and more, a framework? Is mentor the right word?

Years later, after deciding that many things would be written, would be passed to a body of listeners, yet another wood fire, the same fire, met with silver hair and wrinkled face, still alone. Collection of writings, a bound booklet, the call of the land is heard, and I wonder again about all these things that "would be written" -- is this what I meant the whole time? This book? The notion that it would be passed down somewhere? Did I write it for them? For me? Was it perhaps enough to just write earnestly? Maybe it was - without heirs, do we just gain knowledge for ourselves? Just make judgements for ourselves? Gun drops to the hard soil, almost like striking metal but with dust. Book tossed towards the fire, uncaring whether it makes it in, walk away into the cold, dry night.

Pittsburgh's weather has descended into highly uncomfortable - it's permacoat season again. I don't see any reason it should ever be colder than 60°F outside (more ideally somewhere between 75 and 110 most of the time)... failing computer hardware really irks me - replacements ordered... also irked by seeing incompetent systems admnistration in a group I sometimes do some work for. There's no excuse for one's webserver seeing the entire outside outside world as having one IP address...

I've been doing a lot of data housekeeping - have found a lot of cool old toys I once wrote (like an IRC bot) as well as a lot of old writings that I'm now embarassed by. I'm extending the "heresy" of named argument passing to returning hashes with flexible numbers of elements as well... it's a very different way of programming.

I've been reading more about TMS as a neuropsych research method - it's hard to really imagine that it's safe, but it's an incredibly exciting tool.


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