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I've been playing around a bit with XMPP/Jabber recently - some time back I noticed how neat it is to let LJ's notification system tell me when things I'm keeping an eye on change, and doing so through LJ's XMPP (which they call "Livejournal Chat"), which I now try to leave Pidgin logged into all the time, is pretty cool. I remember talking with the Jabber folk at an O'Reilly convention years ago and neither understanding how useful it could be nor liking their decision to having domain names used in the system - on some level it's still duplicating the function of email and everything done in the protocol could be done just as well bundled in a structured email attachments, but the expectation of email delays and mail filtering being different actually changes things, and given the use the decentralisation is pretty nice. I'm working on making a small, clean wrapper around Net::XMPP::Client that will provide one-way communication to named users so I can IM-ify a handful of projects I've written that I still use where this'd be useful. It might be cool to setup the systems at work to allow some minimal interactivity so I can keep an eye on them and let them whine at me over XMPP too... it might be cute to send their syslogs over it as well.

I wonder how long it'll take spammers to join/ruin the party..

Every time I hear marketing people getting excited (about things relating to marketing), I cringe a little - I don't think marketing is a respectable profession (it both encouraging waste and inspiring desire), and I think it brings mental harm to the recipient. Here's the latest thing the bastards have thought up. Sigh.

Political news:

  • Ahmadinejad will be in the United States starting Sunday to address the United Nations. He made a request to visit the WTC ruins which was rejected, and will speak at Columbia University. Personally, I think it's productive for him to speak in the United States because we'll come to a better understandng of what he stands for and intends to do (to whatever extent he will be honest). Disallowing his speech for worries that it would "honour" his position would be a poor reason not to listen, even if his positions/intent, revealed, make him impossible to coexist with. War with Iran may turn out to be necessary to prevent their nuclear weapons capability (and were I convinced that it came down to that simple choice, I would support an invasion - Iran's present stance towards Israel combined with their hostility towards Saudi Arabia make their quest for regional hegemony very dangerous), but even so listening should not hurt. If North Korea can be convinced towards peace, perhaps Iran can as well.
    • That said, it's a pity that knocking him off while he's here would have such dire consequences (basically, it would mean an end (or at least great harm) to the United Nations and all the good it does, as well as incalcuable diplomatic harm to the United States for breaking such basic conventions).
  • The PM of Turkey aims to weaken Turkey's secular traditions, including but not stopping at a removal of the ban on hijab in universities. This is very unfortunate and hopefully the military will step in and remove him from power (as they have done so several times with politicians threatening secularism in the past)
  • Things not to do in an airport: Have a fake bomb strapped to yourself, wired so it would light up. Being an awesomely nonconformist artsy person from MIT doesn't imply wisdom. Some people have pointed out that it doesn't look much like a bomb - true, but being blown up by a homemade bomb versus a "professional" bomb wouldn't make much of a difference - airports are not generally places where a sense of humour about these things serves the public interest.

Today is another "migraine hiding just around the corner" type day.. bleh.

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