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Parrot, Oh Optimal!

One of the things that's the same between places I've lived in Pittsburgh and Columbus is that very late at night I hear the trains (horns and dimly the vehicles themselves) over the sound of crickets. It's kind of nice.

As requested, modelling pics of the two other catscarves:

The first is the Jayne model, the second the Beefalo model.

A quick grab-bag of news before I get back to bed:

  • South Korea and North Korea may be movng to formally end the state of war between them. Hopefully the United States will permit this (I think I've explained this situation a few times before - don't want to repeat it again and bore you all). In either case, this is good news.
  • A rather ugly reason to care about environmental issues.
  • In case you haven't heard about challenges to the social order in Arab countries that are sometimes made during Ramadan, here's an example of difficulties/progress in changing attitudes towards rape (and other women's issues) in Arab society.
  • In recent public discourse on the Canadian dollar reaching parity with the United States dollar, a canadian economist warned that the consequences for that might be quite dire because Canada has what is primarily a resource economy. On the topic of resource economies, it looks like Arab countries are doing reasonably well in using their wealth to transform their economy - in the UK Arab investors now control over half of the London Stock Exchange. The strategic implementations of this are interesting...
  • A few more opinions on Ahmadinejad's visit to the United States.
  • Autonomy for religious communities in the United States sometimes has interesting consequences. I'm really bothered when communities teach women that their social role is to be subservient to men. It strikes me as no different than telling blacks that their role is to be subservient to whites - it should be fought just as strongly. Taken to this extreme, it's unfortunate that broader society's notion of the social good would make us reluctant to uproot and scatter members of those communities across the country to make their absorption into the mainstream more rapid. What are the long term effects of having entire generations of women being taught these habits?

Not strictly-speaking news:

Sometimes, to the shards of the world, I love being the order to your chaos and the chaos to your order... a confrontational dance.. and when I start to spout that kind of stuff, it's a sign that I should be asleep. I'm not expecting much good to come of this weekend...

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