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The Branded World

I read today that an asteroid was recently named after George Takei, an actor who played a character in Star Trek. A few weeks ago, I came across the fact that a spider and an ant were given the "scientific" names of Calponia harrisonfordi and Pheidole harrisonfordi, respectively. I work in a building with a Giant Eagle auditorium, and I went to a university that had a stadium that was renamed after some corporate sponsor after a series of expensive repairs (can't recall either the old or new names). These kind of things both bug me.. I won't claim that they're quite the same - the fanboyism of the first isn't quite as bad as the "paid advertisement" nature of the second (and with the cultural popularity of a few series, maybe in the future we won't be able to tell if the Jigglypuff Grand Central Station, the Barney Library, or the Power Rangers Empire State Building will have been renamed via a donation by some rich otaku or by Nintendo, PBS (welll... unlikely) or whomever makes Power Rangers. Either way, dignity is lost. Ideally when rooms/buildings/etc must be named, they should be named for the kind of people that would win a field-appropriate cousin to the Nobel prize (or at least something vaguely in this direction), and I would hope we eventually purge and never replace the names of people or institutions in periodic table and "scientific" names of the species. Just think how nice it would be to be at a school with a Tesla building of Physics, a Gödel building of Math, etc etc.. again, the 100 years test - if it's not sure to be more notable than Felix the Cat is today after 100 years, it's not notable.

It's weird reading 2600 again - the issue I picked up opened with a question on whether the magazine is obsolete given the social changes that have occurred over the years. Their worries make sense. The rest is the predictable mix of one or two actually interesting/awesome articles, one that's stupid enough to entirely miss the point (this time on disassemblers), one describing a social exploit that will possibly land a bunch of would-be jerks in jail (that somehow is still interesting), and a bunch of letters and pictures of phone booths.

I am amused that Iran's parliament has declared the CIA to be a terrorist organisation in response to the US senate doing the same to their Revolutionary Guard. Unfortunately, their cited examples of the CIA's behaviour are not the juicy episodes that haven't been publically discussed since becoming public record..

Murderous rage at cat-done destruction of my apartment. Whenever I move out, I will need at least a month of not having cats at all to deeply clean and repair things... Fantasizing of an apartment which just stays as it does when I first rent it, plus a tiny amount of stuff, for the whole time I live there, no stains, no horrible cat smells, no hidden presents, no joyous ripping of carpet, no replacing of couches every few years. Too damned tired for this stuff... time to venture out into the world again...


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