Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Relative Familiarity

Spending the night in my office - subject coming in early today and I hung out around campus rather than go home today until it was too late. Amused: feels just as much like a home as anyplace I've ever lived (had this impression before in previous nights here). Unfortunately, on the way back from the restroom, I imagined seeing people in the glass-front offices - the same people there in the day, staring at me like zombies or that creepy girl from Ringu - sign that I'm sleepy indeed: that I'm actually kind of freaked out by that now. Sleep is coming soon, with sounds from rubber galoshes... hopefully I won't have stupid nightmares.

Kind of odd how most people probably spend more waking hours in their office than their home.

Wishing my cats were here for hugs.


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