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Slavoj Zizek wrote an editorial for the New York Times called "How China Got Religion". One of the things I respect about Zizek is that he's a philosopher in the liberal sphere who operates with a strong understanding on what it means to have meaning in one's philosophy, and the tension between multicultural respect and maintaining an independent meaning for liberalism is real for him. A particularly interesting quote from said editorial: "When in 2001 the Taliban in Afghanistan destroyed the ancient Buddhist statues at Bamiyan, many Westerners were outraged — but how many of them actually believed in the divinity of the Buddha? Rather, we were angered because the Taliban did not show appropriate respect for the “cultural heritage” of their country. Unlike us sophisticates, they really believed in their own religion, and thus had no great respect for the cultural value of the monuments of other religions." .. I don't think that "hands-off respect" is a healthy attitude for society. When movements and faiths represent enough of a threat to society that we can't accept them even given a general disinclination to limit individual autonomy, they must be dealt with.
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Had a dream where a professor was going over a big stack of papers I had written, and we talked about the merits and occasinoal problems with each paper for awhile before he stamped each one of them as a failure and we moved on to the next. I just felt detached...

Death-cold weather is upon us. It shall get even worse. There are some upcoming events though, like a TMBG concert followed the next day by a VNV Nation concert, both at Mr. Small's.


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