Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Relative Nakedness

Packing for air travel (which, given that Greyhound has occasionally searched/confiscated things, will now be a pretty serious hint for packing for bus travel) always makes me feel a bit naked - half the contents of my computer bag and coat have to be removed, and some books that might subject me to increased scrutiny go too. Sigh. On the upside, it makes me clear stuff out of my coat that I've been meaning to for ages, but always forget about when I make it back to my apartmet. I kind of wonder if I'll have internet access at destination. I suppose most of the regular chores can stack up for a few days.

Christmas season was only reasonably obnoxious this year. I avoided most of the horrible music, and I know very few people who are very enthused over the season. One thing I saw that particularly got my goat is this, an offer by the "Planetary Society" to include people's names on a DVD that will eventually be on a flight to Mars. What good is it to have a DVD with a bunch of names on it on Mars? Why should space be wasted on such a thing? Who arranges this kind of stupidity? Who buys into it? Should I be offering random internet people the chance to be on a DVD that I'll keep in my apartment? Will this DVD, if it ever actually is made, end up as a coffee coaster in Florida somewhere? Should prank names be entered en masse? In other notes, this was kind of amusing -- Twisted Sister interpreting "Come All Ye Faithful". China continues to betray the revolution, but also standardises phone chargers as a "sorry we shelled your village, here's some gold" moment. I also downloaded the latest UQM Starcon2 remake release, and kinda-sorta played it over the internet against someone I know. It was a bit too laggy to be a good game, but it might be usable when everyone's back in town. Oh, and some people are claiming a cure for Diabetes.

Tomorrow I need to be at the airport rather early (probably 07:30 to be safe). This means catching the airport shuttle really early. Ugh.


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