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Latest changes to POUND (my blog software):

  • Flexible attributes attachable to each entry, stored in entry_misc table
  • If these attributes happen to be named "Music" or "Mood" and the blog is set to mirror to LJ, they will be mirrored to LJ's version of those attributes as well
  • No web interface yet for setting these attributes - I need to decide a few more things about where I'm taking this feature before I do that. It might be neat to have non-text features for these attributes, such as a numeric mood indicator that would have an on-the-fly generation of a plot for the relation of that value to preceding (and later, if applicable) entries. There's a lot of potential coolness..
  • Entry topics now mirror to LJ's "Tags"
  • Messaging subsystem is almost done
I am beginning to think that comment screening would be a good thing to add, both to allow me to auto-screen all posts that have links in them (would prevent much spam from ever being visible) and to allow entries/blogs to be settable as a default.
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