Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Umbrella Journeys

It's traveling time. This is probably my last post until I return to Pittsburgh. Alas, it is too late/early to think, so..

A few smattered interesting things:

  • An article on a possible future American President, Barack Obama. He looks like an interesting possible candidate in several ways.
  • More on scientific political independence
  • A cool 4-player chess variant. I'd like to give Djambi a try sometime. It might be just as socially challenging as mentally -- in chess finding someone else who plays at one's pace, and bearing that, can be just as challenging as the tactics of the game. I remember frequent games of Magic and Scrabble where each person thought the other person was taking a lot longer than they were. Subjective time is funny that way.
  • Last evening I grabbed dinner at Rolladin (after walking over half of Squirrel Hill looking for someplace actually open). It took me only four tries to find something on their menu they actually had (and they only had *most* of what I ordered - they were out of hummus). This is absolutely ridiculous and infuriating, and it happens almost every time I've been there. Their food is very good, but it's unbelievable that the place is so badly managed.
  • I've been hearing strange sounds inside the walls of my apartment recently, while I'm completeley awake, from water flowing (sounds like not in pipes) to strange scratching. This is a little bit worrying, although I'll probably be out of here by the time it makes a difference. It's kind of cute watching the cats stare at the walls anxiously.
Time to finish packing and get ready to go.

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