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Reflexive values

I've been thinking recently about layering in my value theory (this is lightly tied to my most recent post to dachte_feed which may by the time you read this have hit the time limit lj will store it). Part of deep intelligence involves the ability of thought to not only target the self, but to further target other thoughts. This is not exactly recursion -- it's more like echoes in that it is distinct from a given thought being about itself. Taking this to value theory, sometimes we notice people don't fully identify with themselves, instead holding to an idealised version of their values. A justification for this might be self-improvement, or possibly a desire for control, as we don't get to pick all of our values (some of them being biological and others deeply rooted in our psyche). I am curious about three things in particular -- if we have discongruity between what we want to want and what we actually want, what is the process (if any) by which the first can replace the latter. Secondly, can this lead to a "falseness" that would generate unhappiness, or is this very notion of falseness incoherent? An alternate way of approaching this that avoids the surface question might be to ask if the process of value replacement is unhealthy. Finally, is there anything incoherent or questionable about deciding on improvements in one's value system? Is it a step in itself to use values from the new system by proxy to try to replace the old? Could this be alternatively made less strange by appealing to the notion that the mind is a messy instrument that, while possessed of multiple values, also can be said to possess multiple wills born of coalitions between values?

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