Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Nocturnal Transitions

Writing this from Victorian's Midnight Café in Columbus, Ohio. I left a bit later than I expected (body insisted on more sleep), leaving around 7:30 and pulling in around 9:30. The drive was uneventful - the car I rented is delightfully small and has an audio-in jack. There was a lot of roadkill, which always makes me sad - some of it was incredibly nasty too. I had forgotten how southern Columbus (the half of the city that never got much development/attention in modern times) has some soviet-esque huge mills. The campus area looks considerably more yuppie to the point that I didn't recognise it until I got close enough to spot some of the (unchanging) campus buildings - I'm glad that neither Pitt nor CMU has such a look - some public areas of Columbus feel like marketers designed them.. Laptop's batteries lasted about 3/4ths of the way here playing music

On the drive, I tried to guess percentages of each community I passed that commuted to Columbus(and to a lesser extent, Zanesville when I passed through there) - are these divisions sharp or rough? As living too close to major roads is anathema to those who would live in "nice" neighbourhoods, I imagine major roads may act as reasonably sharp divides of this sort. I sometims wonder how many cities "must" be where they are, as opposed to arbitrary placement - coastal cities are almost always musts, as coasts are naturally easy (and desirable to many people) places for shipment of goods. Pittsburgh is placed by its large rivers (even though it might've made more sense for the South Hills to be the nucleus of the city than the current "main downtown". Columbus is situated on just one river (I think), so it probably could've been located anywhere along that river with roughly equal effect. I also thought about how the English language would probably be very different if it were purely a written language - there are a lot of rules that are strongly based on sound, like the "a/an" distinction or pluralisation ("an hour", "an apostrophe", "a cat", -s versus -es pluralisation, etc). Reminds me of a conversation where it was asserted that the license to play with words and grammar comes with mastery of the language, and how important it is that people who have not yet mastered it view grammar as rules even while hanging around people who have moved beyond that - difficult to do/explain, especially given typical attitudes of youth.

As for Vic's, Wireless here is highly spotty. On the upside, at some point since I last visited, they started payiing attention to the food they serve - the place is therefore pretty full. It's also nice to get away from CMU for a while - CMU feels a little bit too much like Brecksville. OSU might not have the kind of autistic brilliance that CMU has, but there's a lot less apathy.. I've overheard a number of conversations dancing between philosophy and politics already, from issues with media consolidation to ways to engage conservatives on supporting anti-war drives. It's mainstream, intelligent, and sometimes even historically aware. Nice. It's also weird to see the different ethnic mix here.

Current plans:

  • Lunch with Mac at Indian Oven. Possibly Micro Center and/or someplace for Bubble Tea afterwards.
  • Wander around Sawmill Road shopping area for awhile - Meijer, Media Play, etc
  • Walk around OSU campus?
  • Possibly get a better costume at the Chamber
  • Bento dinner at Bento Go-Go
  • Jeff's Party
  • Outland!
  • Either sleep somewhere here or start a night drive back to Pgh.

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