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Re Ducks

Dead tired, but that was a good trip. I spoke with Mac for a few hours on everything from the state of the videogame industry to differences in American, European, and Japanese cell phone markets and Apple's bid to become the master of all media, over Indian food and later some good bubble tea at a relatively new Korean restaurant, found that the Garden/Chamber/etc haven't changed much, went to the party (went pretty well, some good conversation there too, Jeff had a hilarious hip-hop outfit), and then went to Outland. The outfits were fantastic, the place was packed, the music selection was quite good, and there was a lot of good dancing - I wore a skirt, the "GAG ME" shirt I picked up at the fetish fair in Boston a year ago, and a spiked collar (there was a nice "russian" hat that was supposed to complete the outfit, but it smelled too much like cat to wear).

About halfway through I met a cute girl called Mandy with whom I danced/chatted with/etc for most of the rest of the evening. We didn't stray much into potential zones of contention (at least partly because there'd be little point), but we did have a good time. Columbus keeps doing this to me - I don't think I could go back, but it wants me, and never fails to remind me that even after all this time and people departing, I have more socially going on there in both potential and actual. Sigh.

I drove home afterwards, napping for an hour at a rest stop somewhere east of Zanesville (funny how the people there love putting giant "Z"s on their cars/buildings/etc). Arrived home around 8am, collapsed into bed. Presently dead tired, feet blistered, mentally mostly absent (which is surprisingly nice), throat very sore from talking. I also appear to have turned into a Cigarette Smoke Elemental from being in the club. End report.

One of the things about the different music mix out there: Columbus has a station or two devoted to christian music/news, and more country music. The latter is definitely nice, the earlier is hard to evaluate - most christian music I've heard is lousy stuff that qualifies to be on the airwaves more because it's christian than because it has any quality. Some christian punk challenges me - some years back I looked at a lot of the repressions I had and made an effort to ditch them - there was some music I wouldn't publically admit I liked because it wasn't cool or similar, like country and some pop music (e.g. Hanson, later Avril). I still have a tough time with christian punk, partly because of that same embarassment, partly because the lyrics irritate me - my interest in understanding religion is mostly an "at arm's length" thing, with the notion of worship, renunciation of one's value system for an exterior one, moral absolutism, and the weird ego-dancing involved are pretty repugnant to me (although the mix with integrity when present and emphasis on non-ego values prevents that from being a simple judgement - life gives us few things (or people) we can judge simply). Hearing all that put to music, especially when such music is taking jabs at the perspectives that are foundational to me, is a strange experience even when the music is good. Still, hearing a certain amount of dissent is probably better than hearing none.

Shadows of Pittsburgh: There was a girl who was a splitting image of Scheiny at Outland, dressed as Cammy (the original in the green leotard and beret) from the Street Fighter series (including the leg markings). There was also a strange dream in the rest stop that completed my trip with finding out that someone I know that I was attracted to a few years ago telling me that she had laid an egg that I was somehow the father of, and that despite her not having wanted children, we were the parents and therefore a couple. I think my subconscious got jealous of reality in its ability to mess with me, and tried to one-up things. I'm not sure who won yet.


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