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Earlier this week, I found out that the grants that support my position were not renewed, and my position (and therefore employment) will disappear at the end of January.I've been doing a very low key job hunt for the last half of a year, partly tempered by the fact that I'm having issues with severe depression, and some complexity tied to that. I've always thought of this job as being my last one in Pittsburgh, so I guess that means that I'll probably be gone in a few months (unless anything happens really quickly that makes me want to stay). Right now I'm mainly applying for jobs at the University of Edinburgh and a handful of other places in the UK - if I see any other interesting jobs in Western Europe, I might take them. Just like Pittsburgh, if there were some other reason to consider a job elsewhere in the US, I might consider that.. How do I feel? I'm not really that bummed out by this specifically, I'm just .. pressured. I'm also kind of worried about trying to find some way to prevent the infrastructure from falling apart when I'm gone - a number of Unix servers without anyone who has more than light experience as a user will probably be a mess. Ugh. .. I suppose if I can't arrange for a job quickly enough elsewhere I might take another job at CMU while I wait..

Odd thing to see: People in a bar in the game DOFUS saying "WoW is the best game in the universe". Also, Whole Foods' Croissants are almost as good as that wonderful French bakery near Mr. Small's (which are in turn the best Croissants I have had in the United States).


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