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RHPS 2007

Tonight: Fairly uneventful day (that started with Pancakes w/ Dmitriy at Pamela's) followed by Rocky Horror. I was unable to find a ride so I took the bus - Oakmont is a fair ways outside of town so it took 3 busses and almost 2 hours to make it there. On the way, I passed through the town/outer suburb of Verona, which for some reason is absolutely fascinating to me. I first visited a few years when dropping off a wounded bird at an animal shelter, and the shape of the land was giving me crazy deja vu once I made the turn onto Verona Road. I've had several dreams about walking on an area of it since - it's a long downhill slope, moderately steep, with run-down businesses and homes on both sides surrounded by woods as the land curves up more strongly. The place felt just as jarringly odd as I passed through it on the bus - I was kind of half-worried, half-hoping that the bus would break down on that part of the trip, as if that slice of nature and town were its own reality that wanted to remove me from this one. As for Rocky itself, it was good to have the experience again. There were a few things I was dissatisfied with, but it was overall a good performance. Specifics:

  • I don't think the DVD(?) they were showing of Rocky was a particularly good one - it was one of the ones where they redid the audio for songs which is markedly less pleasant than the original soundtrack (and is at least audibly very different). It also not only loses out on bonus points for lacking "Once in a While", but loses big on not having Superheroes. At least the video quality was pretty good.
  • Because the cast doesn't have a regular venue, it's hard for them to get good at shadowcasting. They may be doing their best given what's available to them, but it's not what it would be if it were a regular cast at a regular show. That said, there were some rather nice touches (Jordan added some neat florishes to his role)
  • The cast needed more props and more audience visibility. Again, an issue that would be worked out if there were a regular showing..
  • Audience prop bags were incomplete
  • Relating to there not being frequent showings but not the cast itself - each theatre/region generally works out its set of riffs for Rocky. Pittsburgh's set of normal riffs presumably died when it stopped being shown regularly here years ago, and right now these occasional shows don't give it a chance to coalesce into anything reasonable. Result: A lot of loud, conflicting riffs
I sat with Maya, Stu, and Elise (first time for her) - afterwards was my first more-than-one-other-person socialial activity in what might've been months - wine, cheese, bread at M/S's, also w/ lise.

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