Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Principalities and Principals

We may define a certain type or level of principled person as someone who forms a reasonably consistent notion of the public good (even though that is in some form a euphemism for a vision of a should, phrased in societal terms. Not all shoulds are easily so phrased though, which restrains things a bit) and advances it through both negative acts (criticism, protests, hampering interests of those who oppose it) and positive ones (praise, involvement, etc). This notion would ideally both respect the ability of law and other codes to aid their concept of the public good (in protecting and advocating interests that need to be protected - difference between aiding interests and aiding people is essential) without becoming so bound/respectful of that jurisprudence that they depart too far from the societal interest due to flaws in those codes (of whatever kind).

I've been having strange dreams/memories/prophecies of the christmas concert that my High School Orchestra held every year, where for the last song any past members of the orchestra, if they were still able to play their instruments, were invited to come up and join in.

Dream:Showed up early in what appeared to be the middle school, and as in typical dreams, I ability to levitate and move at about a walking pace while in lotus position (irl, I can enter lotus position but, alas, cannot float), and floating down the halls, I decide to float nearer the ceiling rather than the floor for a change in pace. Up there, I spot an old student desk that is for some reason nailed to the wall - in the drawers are some textbooks from the 1950s(?) as well as a teapot. As it so happens, I have my own teapot on me, and after exchanging the spout-blocks accidentally once, I get it sorted out, put the books in my bag, and wander off, one teapot in each hand as I continue to float through the halls. I eventually meet the principal (unfamiliar guy - not Mr. Bradford (middle school) or whomever was the principal of high school), who says that no teachers I knew is still around but that he dimly remembers some of them. Eventually we go sit outside (scene shift to outside Chippewa Elementary) and a bunch of parents are there trying to remember some of them, eventually to shift to other topics so I go wander the halls again, going into Orchestra/Band room, hoping to join in practice but again I see unfamiliar faces in familiar walls and feel distant.

Up early because a migraine put me out of commission as soon as I got home from work (around 21:30) last night. Proably will go back to bed shortly. Hard to sleep with angry cats about (forgot to pick up more food for them last night on the way home).


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