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Musical Spread

The notion that we're near the end of the era where music labels make a difference (or exist as they do now) is spreading. Question: How will this affect the types of music available. Discussed in person, Eric suggested that the concentration of interest in the top 100 (and similar) of the music industry would be less pronounced, which is probably true. How will this change the actual quality/quantity of music, genres, and musicians? That some musicians are already foregoing labels and only selling their music directly on iTunes (or Amazon, or their website) means that the "democratisation" (as much as market-based decisionmaking can be called a democracy - it's really something distinct) of music is already underway. Will anything important be lost? I've also occasionally heard from postmodernists that we're at the end of genres in music as everything borrows from everything else. Is that true? I think it might relate to this as well, as another form of order fades. How much structure is inherent in either system?

Was amused to hear that Pittsburgh's Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, was reelected. I see this as a mildly good thing, partly because his last name reminds me of the old DnD setting "Ravenloft", and partly because the person who ran against him had ties to the BushJr administration. Anyone with ties to that group (with the exception of Colin Powell, whom I believe to be a person of integrity) is automatically suspect by my measures. I really don't know much about Pittsburgh's city politics - there are only a few issues I care about..

  • I think building more stadiums was a mistake
  • I believe casinos should be prohibited to the best ability of the government
  • I believe we need to have more and better public transit and incentives/restrictions to reduce car usage. I sometimes hear that the Port Authority is misusing its funds, and sometimes hear that it is underfunded. I don't know how to fix it, nor do I know much about how it's managed, but I want it to:
    1. Cover more of the city and surrounding area
    2. Do so for more of the day, ideally having at least minimal service running all night
    3. Be a good place to work for the drivers, giving them health insurance and a good wage
    4. Be heavily subsidised through taxes, ideally completely funded through such means
  • Good public funding for social work, homeless and women's shelters
  • Continued funding for the park system

Other local issues are pretty uninteresting to me.

Sooner or later, most Wikis that arn't part of a dominant culture that provides guidance on the matter have this discussion on self-governance. There's a lot of lessons that can be learned from the different way these things are worked out. I always am saddened to see sites that start out with a purpose eventually lose sight of that purpose (arguments like "But what harm does it do?" are generally the start of a long, ugly path..), but that fortunately doesn't always happen.

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