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Turning of the Leaves

Leaves are falling, perhaps late this year? Today was a day of "true fall", hints of worse to come, again evokes memories of carving pumpkins on a hill. For the third or fourth workday in a row, I've left work after 7pm - at some point hopefully things will get less hectic.

Two things you should be aware of:

  • One Laptop Per Child's give-one-get-one programme is now open. It looks like South America is the initial recipient of the donations. It should be a great toy, and it's for a good cause.
  • Fedora 8 was released recently. Initial impressions: It feels a lot more polished, feels a bit less personal but a lot cleaner, interface feels tighter. I was going to note that there seems to be an across-the-board performance hit, but I just remembered that the massive restoration of files from backups is still running - it's probably fine. Those of you in the know will probably want to do "yum remove mono-core" to remove the taint of Miguel de Icaza. Also, don't forget to install Livna.
From what I hear, it's not only the psychology department that's having a number of big grants not renewed - a number of the other departments are similarly suffering. No news yet on the find-a-new-temporary-or-permanent-job front. I should swing by the MRI centre and say goodbye to the people there..

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